Monday, July 22, 2013

Late post-

Photos from the day after rain        Skateboard park                           Guess Who?!
July 17,2013        8:35pm
  I'm sitting here in the dark with my flashlight and iPad in our apartment.  Oh - I just realized I don't need a flashlight with my iPad!  Thank goodness it was charged!
  We are having an incredible thunder, lightening, and rain storm.  The streets are rivers and the power has been out for about an hour - so far.
  It had started to storm and the Lights were going on and off in the temple - thank goodness for generators.  I left the temple early to pick up our car so as to give rides home to the others.
   I passed by the mission office on the way home. The four Mission office Elders were standing outside watching the storm and wondering how they were going to get home six blocks away safely.  I took cover with them.  I wasn't too crazy about being struck by lightening.
  Two of the Elders offered to go get our car for me. Then I could give them a ride.  We are only one block away. I didn't think about the fact that the carport door opener doesn't  work if there is no electricity! Glad the gate isn't electric! At least the car isn't left locked outside the carport!
  I ended up walking- running- home after the storm had settled down a bit.
  So here I sit in the dark waiting for Fred to get a ride home from someone. Dinner will be cold and late tonight .  Our house certainly is not cold at 85 degrees! Loren - you would love it!
  Oh, the adventures!
 9:13pm- The storm stopped. Fred and the others were able to walk home wetly. Just as they got to our place the electricity came back on.  It was on for 10 minutes-long enough for me to make a shake for our dinner- before it went off again!
The power finally came back on!  Hooray! After trying to sleep for two hours, we finally can. Our house was so hot because our carpets were cleaned yesterday and the house was open.Not only was it hot, but humid! Love that air conditioning!  This IS the rainy season. More rain for the future.  We'll be better prepared next time.

Los Anderson de Hermosillo

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