Monday, July 15, 2013

Another week has come and gone.  Loving our time here!
  Our hearts go out to the Ricks family.  It's hard being so far away.  Hugs across the miles!
  Sunday was a first. We went to 3 different wards in different parts of the city. We went and came without getting lost and withour GPS!!  It is so great meeting so many new people. Besitos and abrazos all the time. Fred is sad because he doesn't get them.  He really misses the little ones.  It will take time to really get to know families.
   Today I made up for not getting lost yesterday.  After going to Costco, we took a tour of the north part of the city that we hadn't seen yet.  Our 7-minute trip home took 30! It's always fun to see new things.
   Tonight I found the Apple store in Hermosillo. It is in a beautiful mall called the Gallerias on the Southeast part of town.  It is another new area of exploration!  I was able to get the connections for our iPad to tv. We don't have to sit with our iPad on our laps any more!  In the process I discovered that the GPS on the iPad works! Just had to change the Settings!  No more excuses for getting Lost!
  We are still waiting to receive any packages from the US.  They are supposed to reach us through a family in Rio Rico, Arizona who come down fairly regularly, though we haven't seen them yet. We are looking forward to seeing how that all works out.

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  1. I am glad you found the adapter so you watch your ipad on your tv!