Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Anderson Family Gathering May 25 2013

At Jory's home with Family and Friends
Brian, Marjean and family
Kathleen N Fred
Uncle George and Aunt Evelyn
Oh, those Girls!
Jill used to be Johnson
Ian loves food           Robert and BJ
Kirstie n Yessica        Payton smiling
 Luci N Alex
Fred N Ryan K
Good Food and Family                                
    Uncle Ralph and lots of grandkids                                      UncleDavid

Sisters Forever      Firechief and son
Lucy                                     Jorello

Grandpa N Slizzy

Avery N Ian             Nicole N Reed

Oh, thoseBoys
Aunt Shanna

Gavin - always the center of attention!

Joe Chumley - soon to be daddy

Liz and Lia

Harry and Ralph, Lynn and Lynette

Sisters forever
Los Martins
Nate the Great
Jory N David  Bishop B
Rodriguez of a variety
Robert D and Judy
Byron Peterson
McKenzie N Aline
Lia N Payton
Marvelous Dani and Anders
Avery Mae     Uncle Ernie
Loren N Matt Schwartz
Kathleen and Petersons
Kathy N Erin
Michael N Kai
Some crazy kids!
What's His Name N Liz
McKay and friends
 Lucy N Kathy  Dr Doug
Yessica N Kirstie again
Super Dani!    US

Practicing to sing with Bishop Bos and Aunt Lynette
More of US

Aren't Grandchildren wonderful?!

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